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Hi. You're either reading this because you know me or want to know more about me. I'm 39 years old, enjoy animals of all sorts (except for the poisonous kinds!), play hockey, enjoy Linux, develop software and do some fiction writing in my spare time. I also do role playing and playing computer games as well. It seems like I'm fairly busy, rarely have any quiet time, and never seem to get anything important done.

I have loads of animals. The latest count is 7. We used to have an aquaruim, but I don't count fish as pets because you can't really pet them. As a friend of mine says, "They are more like a painting that moves, requires cleaning and needs to be fed." My animals page shows you most of the pets that my wife and I currently have as well as most of the ones that we've had in the past. There may be a few missing or some out-of-date information there, but I do what I can in my spare time (yeah right!) to keep it accurate.

I do Linux system administration, software development, web development, MySQL/PostgreSQL database administration and a handful of other things for a living. Yeah, I'm pretty much an all-around computer geek. If there is something that can be done with computers I've most likely done at least once. About 90% of everything that I know about computers is self-taught. I find a new technology that I want to use, maybe get a book about it, install it, and play with it until I feel that I know it inside and out. If the technology is good enough to continue using, I use it and learn more about it every week.

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I also do some creative writing on ocassion. I once said, "My ideas are brilliant sparks of light that illuminate the dark pathways of creativity just long enough for me to see my next step." I guess that means that I rarely plan out my creativity; it just happens. Most of the time is deals with role playing, but sometimes I'll write a poem or short story.

To keep my creative juices flowing, I blog. Yes. I'm one of those people. If you're into reading blogs, feel free to check mine out. I try to post every week day, but I miss a day here or there. My life is pretty boring, but I'm more writing my blog for me than for anyone that may be reading it. It's like a personal diary kind of thing, but feel free to peek into my rambling thoughts.

I guess you probably know more about me than I know about you, so I'll stop now. Feel free to look around the rest of my homepage if you want. I don't mind. That's why I put it there.

Here is a link to my GPG public key. Feel free to use it to communicate with my in an encrypted manner if you wish. Here is the MD5 hash of the key's text file.

Looking to learn Linux? Feel free to visit this collection of pages that I created for a friend. They won't replace a good book or three, or tell you how to do installs, but it's a good launching platform for in-depth knowledge.

Advance code sequence. Hunter S. Thompson takes our enormous tree and makes fun of the ocean. Fnord!