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Corin is a White Cap Pionus that we added to our growing family in February of 2000. We haven't had him for long so we don't have any pictures of him just yet. When we first got him, he was a very skittish bird that hated to be handled and really threw a fit anytime we took him from his cage. After about two weeks, we were able to gradually calm him down and get him used to being handled. Now he eagerly jumps from his cage to your hand so that you can carry him around the house.

We are still trying to get Corin and our other two birds (Tori and Feeorin) acclimated to each other, but because of their noticeable size difference, they are having a hard time adjusting. We slow introducing them to each other so that they will be able to peacefully coexist. It would be great if they would be open and friendly to each other, but if that happens at all, it will be a long time coming.

A Corin is a bird that is about 9 inches long from the top of his head to the tip of his tail. The top of his head and just under his head on his chest is white while the rest of him is a green with a mixture of iridescent blue tossed in. His coverts (feathers on the bottom side of his tail) are red. Even though his wings are currently clipped, when he spreads his wings and tail feathers you can see how beautiful he is. The shimmering colors of the blue fringes on his green feathers are very mesmerizing.