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Fly's full name is "Style to Fly". She is a greyhound that used to race in Colorado Springs, CO. We adopted her from their rescue shelter several years ago. She was very shy and skittish. Like most greyhounds that race for a living, she didn't know what human companionship was supposed to be like. She had received food, water, bedding and exercise. There is very little (if any) love given to racing greyhounds, and it takes them a while to realize that a hug is something that is supposed to be enjoyed.

In the years that we've had Fly, she has grown to a lovable and enjoyable pet that shares our bedroom with us at night. We have some photos of her. I guess I'll have to track them down someday and put a few online so that you can see her beauty.

Unfortunately, she grew old (as we all do) and suffered a circulation problem in her hip. The vet said that she most likely threw a clot in her lung and it ended up lodging in the smaller vessels in her hip. This crippled her to point where she could no longer walk. The next day, Friday, August 14th, 2009, we had to euthanize her. She'll be missed.