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Other than some fish, Loki is the first pet that we bought when we moved to Colorado Springs. Loki in ChairWe got him from a pet store when he was just a couple of months old. He was still feeding off of his mother's breast milk which made him quite a gas-bag that was hard to be around when he let loose. Luckily, that phase passed within a week or so as he started a full-time diet of solid food. I wish that we had a camera when he was a kitten so that we could capture what he looked like when he was much more innocent.

At the time we got Loki, the only other pets that we had were our two ferrets: Mischief and Trouble. Since Loki is the Norse god of mischief and trouble, we thought it appropriate to name him that. Of course, it turned out that his name was all too accurate. He's gotten into every part of our Loki in Post old apartment and our new house that we don't want him into and then some. He was a troublesome little kitten from day one. We weren't allowed to have pets at our apartment (yet we moved in with two ferrets) but it wasn't a hard thing to hide the pets since all we had were ferrets. They don't make a lot of noise. When we got Loki, he missed his mother and meowed at the top of his lungs almost all day and all night. I knew that this would get us busted right away. He needed to go to the vet for an examination anyway, so we took advantage of this situation and boarded him at the vet's office for a few days. This gave him time to calm down and gave me time to recover my nerves.

Even though Loki went through the stage of getting into everything and causing lots of noise, he finally calmed down and became a well-behaved (almost) cat that loves to be rubbed on (but only when he chooses) and doesn't destroy furniture or wreak havoc with the household. As you're walking through the house, however, you do have to be wary of being stalked by the cat. He'll run out

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Loki Asleep
from under a table or from around a couch and leap at you in mock attack. He does get a good cat-laugh from startling people this way.

We even got him to be nice to the birds. When we first got Feeorin (our first bird), Feeorin's wings were clipped and he could not fly. Even though Feeorin could not fly, he tried his best, but would end up on the floor. Feeorin had been around for a couple of days when this happened. As soon as Feeorin hit the floor, Loki tore across the room after him. Fortunately, I was sitting in a chair about halfway between where Loki was running from and where Feeorin was sitting. I launched myself from my chair and tackled Loki a split second before he got to Feeorin. This scared the crap out of Loki because he didn't realize that he was hunted. He was purely in a hunter mind-set and when something suddenly grabbed him from behind, he freaked. Ever since this startling experience, Loki will sit next to our birds on the floor or bed and just watch them. This doesn't mean that we leave them unattended like this. We don't want to tempt nature any more than we already are.