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Mischief is our sable ferret. She's a tiny little thing (even for a ferret!) that loves to lick you when you pet her and pays total attention to you while you're in her room (yes, she has her Chair own room.) If you take her out of her room, she totally ignores you because she has to explore the rest of the house and see what its like "on the outside!" When I met my wife, she already had Mischief, so she is more my wife's than she is ours, but when I first met my wife face-to-face, I also got the distinct honor of meeting Mischief as well.

Like most ferrets, Mischief loves to run, play, dook and do her ferret war-dance. We've tried to get a few pictures of her when she's hyper, but they just come out blurry and out of focus. While we've had Mischief longer than the rest of our pets, I really don't have all that much to say about her. I wasn't around when she was brought home for the first time and I missed out on teaching her what she is and isn't supposed to do. Those are where all the good stories come from.

Even though I don't have much to say about this wonderful little lady, I am very glad that she's part of my life. Maybe I'll think of more stuff to say about her later on...

Kim, my wife, got Mischief long before I met either of them, so she has more to say about this little bundle of joy than I do. Here is what Kim as to say about Mischief:

Mischief was only about 16 weeks old and about 1/3 her current size when I brought her home.

My apartment allowed small dogs and cats, but only with a hefty deposit that I couldn't afford so I had to sneak her into the apartment complex. She was quiet so they never knew she existed, but sneaking the cage in (as large as it is) was quite a challenge. I had to wait until late night when I knew my neighbors were fast asleep and I snuck it in the back door. If I wanted to take her out of the apartment she had to either wait until late night and run through the halls with me or I had to take her to a park that did not allow dogs and put her on a leash letting her roam around and rub in the grass (and dig holes of course) as she pleased.

Since she had full run of the apartment, there were a couple times when the apartment manager came to talk to me that she almost snuck out the door in front of him or was almost spotted by him. I carefully coaxed her back into a hiding place in as inconspicuous of a way as I could.

When Mischief first came to live with me, her sleeping patterns clashed horribly with mine. When I was awake, she was asleep, when I was asleep, she was awake and scratching to get out of the cage. It was like having a new baby and getting them on the same sleep schedule the rest of the family is on. I finally caved in and gave her free run of the apartment and that took care of the problem.

Mischief never had any really bad habits so training wasn't too bad with her. Mischief only bit me once and a simple tap on the nose and scolding was all it took to break her of that habit permanantly. She was very easy to train, with the exception of the litter box as she always loved leaving me "surprises" in the corners occasionally.

Mischief frequently traveled with me to home and back during my off weekends. She has always loved car rides and still does to this day. To her it's new frontier to explore and call her own while in the car, and once we get to our destination she knows she'll get to go outside on her leash and play at least once daily if not more.

One of the more mischievious things mischief liked to do was to try to grab the area rug in the middle of my living room with her teeth and drag it to her hidey hole under the bed. I have a cute picture of her trying to run off with it somewhere, but it's been misplaced during the move from Montana to Colorado. Her second favorite thing to do was to crawl inside of glasses that were left by the bed and taste whatever was inside of them. Of course this was a hilarious site and it never failed that the glass would flip over onto its side, its contents spilling onto the floor with her all the way into the glass and only her hind legs and tail protruding from it.

When John came along, she instantly bonded with him and they became fast friends. Frequently I would come home from class or working late at school and find her asleep in his lap, in her favorite position. She would lay on her back in his lap and he would rub her belly and before you know it she'd be fast asleep. It was quite cute and I only wish I had picture of it.