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Ninlil was a wonderful cockateil that we bought in February of 1999. Unfortunately, her time with us was very, very short. She passed away after only a few weeks. While we did not spend money on an autopsy (the vet bills were expensive enough trying to keep her healthy) the vet did say that it appeared to be liver failure.

Even though we only had her a few weeks, we had already forged a strong bond with her because we had to hand feed her baby bird formula. She was not fully grown and we had to spend about 1/2 an hour, three times a day, preparing her food and feeding it to her via a feeding syringe. Her chirping, jumping and flapping wings while she fed were very amusing and I know that she would have grown up to be a wonderful member of our family.

We only had time to get two pictures of her and here they are. They are both taken a few seconds apart from each other during one of her feedings. You can see her flapping her wings as she's feeding from the syringe. I regret not being able to see her fly for real...