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Tori (Japanese for "bird") is a white-faced cinnamon cockatiel that we added to our family March of 1999. She is a very sweet and personable bird. She loves kisses and doesn't mind being handled or even held at all. Most birds kick and struggle when they are confined in someone's hand, but Tori will sit there without complaint. We don't have any recent photos of Tori. The ones that we do have of her are from before her first molt. When she brought in a new set of feathers, she really showed off the beauty of her white face. The pictures that you see here really don't display the great contrast between her greyish-silver body and her white face and wing-tips.

She shares a cage with Feeorin and they get along resonably well. A couple times a week she will chase Feeorin off of the cage and we'll scold her for being mean. We'll also lock her in the cage and give Feeorin a treat outside the cage so that she can see what she's missing out on. Unfortunately, these attempts to get her to be nicer to Feeorin have failed. She doesn't hurt him when she chases him around, so we don't worry about it much. Despite the occassional attitude problem, the birds get along great. They will sing to each other, preen each other, eat at the same time... the list just goes on and on. I'm afraid of what will happen to one if we lose the other. Both birds are still very young, so we have a long time to go before we have to worry about that.

Tori is our main flyer of the household. Her wings were clipped when we first got her, but within a few months, she molted. When her new set of feathers came in, they were strong, long and very beautiful. This new set of feathers also allowed her to take flight. She was clumsy at first, but as she got more practiced at controlling her wings and tail feathers she got pretty good at acrobatics. She loves to swoop around the house performing for us. She's even devloped the ability to stop in mid-air and hover in place for a few seconds. Cockatiels aren't supposed to be able to do that, but Tori manages to pull of this trick with ease.