scattering meteor armor
magic frog leap
ten before saints' sweep
field north of/northern the wu jen
two hundred dodge frogs dodge
terrible child scatters with graceful spirit
trip of the sleeping badger
forty outside toads' defense
beging swallow, handsome baboon
monk strike
twenty bridges defense
blue octopus's ready denial
writeing stick hangs beyond flail
twelve young bears' boxing
under demon thrust
goading west of/western swamp
style of clay owl
yeti far the lobster
blessing clay kraken boxing
splashing cat with a otherworldly spider
seventeen before legends' kick
samurai cut with city
merciful river north of/northern clay dolphin
emerald wind over forceful cane
blocking meteor east of/eastern judgemental panther
within hare slam
monkey of the hanging eagle
defiant door of splashing lion
between shurikens write one hundred gourds
four beetles kick
runing hell throws between child
amber lightning sleeps with earth curse
twelve rams form
blocking goose denial
intercepting winter door strike
twenty-seven surmount bats punch
stalling duck west of/western water foo lion
metal father's pitiful block
raceing lance with a beautiful fan
thirty pigs hit
thirty raceing nunchakus slay around fire scorpion
west of/western swamps, womans bend
magic hydra outside wood path
forest below the gauntlet
roll of the stealing knee
crashing swamp between sudden mouse
palm chop between the swallow
jealous shrine of the swooping mule crouch
treasured wind hit
clay devil of the falling puddle attack
forty joyous moons' boxing
eight bulls defense
eighty-seven gooses' defenses
solar arrow's handsome power
throw of the coiling twig
solar ancestor's brave thrust
ten million leopards' rolls
hides like honorable wind
splashing ram posture
runing yak east of/eastern just wasp