wondrous heart's eighteen fields transformation
tornado of the goading dolphin
lame denial
counting metal kappa hit
posture of sudden eagle
twelve scholars' denials
blocking sleepy immortal chop
majestic butterfly of the meditateing lobster kick
tortured yeti torments with cruel knee
devouring emperor crouch
kicking puddle gos far jungle
scattering red desert's crouch
nineteen meditateing yetis hang before sudden butterfly
howling unusual monkey pugilism
chaseing tornado between angry stream
intercepting like towers
soars like defiant seal
respectable hag of the soaring vampire roll
ruthless rat transformation
rake of spring scholar
tricking fearful waterfall protection
before doors trick thirty-seven towers
stabing sohai freezes north of/northern chicken
eight crash owls lunge
draining comet with a lame ash
sixteen curseing mushrooms freeze behind sleepy temple
one thousand bless eunuchs thrust
circleing like goats
master between ancient farm
iguana near judgemental ox
chop of the crossing vow
dove outside coiling tree
heaven lunge within the trident
blooming vampire crouch
within beetles remove eleven ninjas
below the spirit, the sea counts
mischievous rat punch
fortunate ape outside doomed foot
cane below ghostly willow
ally under the village
impossible cat of chaseing eagle
blesss like glass pearl
unstoppable moon holds with black wood
steel yak among humble moon
posture of the circleing foo dog
danceing butterfly, wise whale
battleing crab with a proud tower
mace behind killing pheonix
transformation of holy swamp
leather beetle's eighteen angels dodge
far the waterfall, the whip circles
twelve circleing hydras wrap around ruthless lizard
sapphire pillar's twin strike
wounded shaman of the crossing bat slam
swiming clay tiger's armor
outside the samurai, the giant falls
climbing guardian's gray swat
crippled yak's foolish defense
droping palm's crazy explosion
yeti among the vampire