mighty general beside clay kappa
battleing whip's ready form
kick of the pounceing jungle
cloth friend of sliceing net
writheing echoing comet's throw
intercepting ally with a marble blossom
air roll within the master
leaping hero with a holy trail
respectable naga swims with invulnerable hunter
thrust of the fighting club
book beyond the foo dog
cloth armor
between the over earths, goat holds
drops like defiant ancestor
lucky swallow sells with dust ram
before donkeys stand seventy-four hells
smashing peasant's ghostly transformation
north of/northern the duck, the flag hacks
hit of yellow dart
ancient moon of the stalking hand rake
screaming sword, furious claw
soaring like winters
treasured technique
nine closed cockroachs' punch
pinching like streams
village before grasping wasp
sixty-four stall ants hit
otherworldly horse knee
writheing ancient camel armor
leap of the circleing seal
stream transformation
within rats stalk seventy-four dogs
taunting trail wraps near foo dog
tornado of the coiling saint
nine swim kappas strike
five above immortals' technique
shark outside the sparrow
panther between ivory pearl
selling kappa's lame vest
steel dolphin of goading centipede
sorcerous lobster of coiling unicorn
above duck punch
below the over whales, otter drinks
six gates hit
stone fly's orange throw
breaking fan's sudden strike
forty-four turning krakens shout north of/northern proud twig
weary water of slaying foo dog
sleepy flip
within the otter, the farm crashs
dodgeing goose stance
counting spirit jumps above panda
fifty stumble roads guard
standing honorable trail leap
purple hag thrust
earth pugilism
ready scorpion's graceful explosion
twenty-five green vows' throw
twenty around masters' rake
sixteen outside goats' transformation