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I'm not a great poet, but I do try. The only time I can really do poetry and have it come out well is when I am incredible happy or horribly depressed. I wrote several dozen poems that have been lost to time in a house fire. I only wish that I still had them for they were by best work. However, they were also my darkest and most frightening pieces so, perhaps, it is better that they were lost to the winds.

Lonely, O'Er The Seas, Thoughts, Time, Lost, I Stand
These are the poems that I still have with me. These were written much more recently and were inspired by the happiness that my new-found love was (and still is!) bringing me. The person that inspired all of these used to have the last name of "Fromm", bit we've gotten married since these were written and we now share the surname of "Evans."

This poem was written by a good friend of mine. It is named after (and is about) a character that my wife used to play on a mud called the Edge of Darkness.