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I think of you,
and I sigh.
I wish for you,
and wonder why.

I desire to hear the sweetness,
of your voice.
My heart cries out,
by its own choice.

I desire to feel the warmth,
of your touch.
But what I ask for,
it is too much.

You belong to another,
and that I cannot bear.
The both of you,
are together over there.

The pain of love,
is hot enough to sear.
Because I am alone,
alone right here.

I look up and ask "why",
the only answer is "because".
I walk through time,
searching for lost loves.

I walk the time,
and the ages.
I look into history,
and see the pages.

Written within that,
tome so vast.
Is love and caring,
of a fleeting past.

I dream and wonder,
where, when will she be.
I don't know the future,
but wish that I could see.

My heart's tears,
fill my lungs.
I sob and cry,
a song unsung.

There will be the one,
the love so pure.
Of that I hope,
to find my cure.

Until I find the one,
that one that I seek.
I shall be here alone,
by myself and weak.

John Evans
Inspiration: Kimberly Sue Fromm