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I Stand

I stand in my dreams,
and look around.
I see a woman,
with hair of gold.
I see my love,
with eyes of emerald.
I see her heart,
filled with love.
I see us there,
standing together.

I stand in my dreams,
and my heart takes flight.
There by my side,
is the one that held my love.
There in my sight,
is a vision of beauty.
There in my arms,
is a tender body.
There in my heart,
is the woman that I love.

I stand in my dreams,
and hold onto hope.
I think of your voice,
and it rings out through my heart.
I think of your eyes,
and fall deep into their sight.
I think of your breast,
and lie my head down to rest.
I think of your heart,
and joy fills my entire existance.

I stand in my dreams,
and smile because you are there.

John Evans
Inspiration: Kimberly Sue Fromm