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I have many projects in the works. Many of them are for my employer, so I can't list them here, but I have quite a few that I do on my spare time. Some of them are dinky little things that are not worth sharing with the rest of the world, but some of them are of a grander scale. These larger projects are the ones that you will find here. Here you will find a brief synopsys of each project and a link to the project's homepage.

I have decided to retire my three open source projects. No one has downloaded them in a LONG time. They are also not representative of my current coding abilities, and I don't have time to update them to modern versions of PHP. As such, they are "abandonWare" and need to be removed. I apologize to anyone looking for Mneme, Thought Bucket, or Tidal Wave. There are, quite honestly, better systems out there today than what those three packages offer.