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Web Development


I have many projects in the works. Many of them are for my employer, so I can't list them here, but I have quite a few that I do on my spare time. Some of them are dinky little things that are not worth sharing with the rest of the world, but some of them are of a grander scale. These larger projects are the ones that you will find here. Here you will find a brief synopsys of each project and a link to the project's homepage.

Mneme is a combination of web application and shell scripts that are used to help people remember upcoming events or action that they need to take. The web application portion is written in PHP and allows a user to add, edit, view and delete reminders. There are two shell scripts to choose from -- PHP or Perl -- that generate emails when the reminders have come due. All data is stored in MySQL.

Thought Bucket
The Thought Bucket is a web application that is written in PHP and stores its data in MySQL (other databases to be added in the near future.) The Thought Bucket was designed to allow people (mainly me) to store random -- but useful -- thoughts in a database so that they can be tracked down later. I have a real problem with remembering things that I think of, so the Thought Bucket came into being. It's a good thing that I didn't forget to create the Thought Bucket, eh?

Tidal Wave
Tidal Wave is a web application that handles recursive projects. That is to say that a project can be a sub-project of a sub-project of a sub-project. There is no practical limit to the depth of a "project tree". It is written in PHP and uses MySQL to store the data. Tidal Wave is a multi-user application with the ability for project ownership. A master project can be owned by user A, but the sub-projects can be owned by other users.
Freshmeat Users Please Note: The name of the project is "Tidal Wave", not "TidalWave". There was already a "Tidal Wave" theme in Freshmeat, so I had to drop the space to get around this flaw in their site.

If you want to contact me about any of the projects, please leave me some feedback.