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Mneme is the Greek muse of memory so I'm borrowing her name for my little project here. I have so many ways to remember things that I decided that I needed another one. My handheld rarely reminds me of things because it's stuffed in a bag and I can never hear it beep at me. Post-it notes are easily lost and are generally too small to hold anything beyond an overly abbreviated shopping list.

I am always checking my email. The only time I am not at a computer and reading and/or writing email are the hours that I spend in blissful dreamland each night. I decided to write this little application to inject reminders into my email so that I can stop forgetting important things like birthdays or bringing the milk in from the front porch.

This was written in a few short days during my spare time. Please don't expect a great amount of bells and whistles. Mneme was written to be simple and easy to use. I think I have accomplished this goal with my code. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave me feedback.

  • Fast and simple to use.
  • Clear view of up-coming reminders.

  • Current Version: 1.0.3
  • Download gzip [md5: 3dcf7e1c62a94bab05f7c88f35be21f2 ]
  • Download bzip2 [md5: 7c343e670e018c5332aff0628c7574a6 ]
  • Download zip [md5: ab7cea73700feb3f2aaead16e663fd38 ]

    Past Versions: