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Tidal Wave was written to help people manage the flood of projects that everyone seems to be so busy working on. I know that I have loads of projects going on all at the same time. That is why I wrote this little tool. It helps keep track of things that I think of. There are projects that I have in mind for getting things done, and so that I don't forget about them, I organize my flood of ideas with Tidal Wave.

Tidal Wave can also be used by organizations to keep entire teams on-time and on-target for getting multiple projects done. A single project can own sub-projects that are sorted by either due date or priority (that choice is easily configurable), and each sub-project can be owned by an entirely different person. If project A relies on project B, that is clearly visible with the project tree view. A manager can clearly see that what employee A is doing is holding up employee B's work. Tidal Wave excels as a workflow management assistant.

After you have downloaded the package and opened it, the next thing you should do is cd into the new directory that was created and read the README file. Just follow the instructions from there and all should go well. If you have problems, you can always contact me and I will try to respond as quickly as I can.

  • Fast and secure.
  • Multiple users with a single instance.
  • Ability to make a practically limitless number of sub-projects.
  • Multiple owners of sub-projects.
  • Easy prioritization of projects.
  • Easy to add projects.
  • Administrative tools are clear and easy to use.
  • Able to add multiple themes so that each user can have their own look and feel.
  • Email notification of new projects.
  • Email notification of projet changes.

  • FAQ:
    How do I create a new project?
    After logging in, you will see a menu of choices on the left-hand side. Click on "Add New Project" will bring up a screen where you can add a new project to your Tidal Wave.

    Current Version: 1.1.5
  • Download gzip [md5: fdb84492e0c29dae84842ebeb4f5ab46 ]
  • Download bzip2 [md5: a9154d66a558c69e2045cbaeb25e95b4 ]
  • Download zip [md5: cb0079299b04c6e96a0d7d26f775d419 ]
  • Past Versions: