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This is the questionnaire that I use to define new characters that I use in games. Answering these questions really helps me define my character. Feel free to use this for personal use. If you have any suggestions for improvement, then please let me know.

  1. Basic Questions
    • How old are you?
    • Where were you born?
  2. Parents
    • What is their profession?
    • Are they members of the ruling class or are they peasants?
    • Are they respected, despised or neither?
    • Are they wealthy, poor or average?
    • How close are you to your parents?
    • Did they raise you?
      • Why did someone else raise you?
      • Who was your caretaker while you were a child?
    • Are they still alive?
      • Which one(s) are dead and how did they die?
      • How old were you when they died?
      • If a person or group is responsible, do you want revenge?
  3. Siblings
    • Do you have any siblings?
    • How many brothers?
    • How many sisters?
    • Where are you in the birth order?
    • Are they all still alive?
    • If they are adults, what do they do for a living?
    • Do you keep in touch?
  4. Childhood
    • How would you characterize your childhood?
      • Calm
      • Peaceful
      • Turbulent
      • Traumatic
      • Sheltered
      • Dangerous
      • Stable
      • Nomadic
  5. Family
    • Do you have any notorious or celebrated ancestors?
    • Do you have any notorious or celebrated family members that are still alive?
    • Is your relationship to this family member readily noticable (name, look, mannerisms)?
    • How do people treat you because of your relationship?
    • Do people expect certain things from you because of your relationship?
    • Do you attempt to live up to these expectations, go against the past or simply do your best to ignore it all?
  6. Role Models
    • Did you have any role models while you were growing up?
    • Who were they?
    • Why did you choose them as your role model?
    • Did they approve of your idolization and following them?
    • Did your parents approve of the relationship?
    • What did you learn from them, if anything?
    • Are they still alive?
    • Are you still in touch with them?
  7. Past History
    • What did you do before the current campaign started?
    • Who trained you to do what you are able to do now?
    • Have you accomplished anything with your life to this point?
    • Have you gained any form of reputation (good and/or bad) from your past actions?
    • Were you involved in any key events in history of Laenwold?
      • How did this affect you?
      • Did people know that you were there or involved?
      • Will you be remembered as a participant in this event?
      • How will people remember your actions (or inaction) during the event?
    • How did you become a [insert character class here]?
    • Why did you choose that path?
  8. Friends
    • Do you have any friends?
    • How long have you been friends?
    • How did you become friends?
    • Would you lay your life down for your friends?
    • Would they do the same for you?
    • Do you keep in touch?
    • Do you have any friends that you no longer associate with?
    • Do you have any former friends that you would now consider an enemy?
  9. Romance
    • Are you currently involved in a romantic relationship?
    • Who are they and how long have you known them?
    • How did you meet your romance?
    • What is the current status of your relationship (married, dating, lovers, etc.)?
    • What are the plans for your relationship?
    • Have you been involved in a past romantic relationship that is no longer ongoing?
    • Who was it with and how long did it last?
    • How long ago was the relationship?
    • Why did the relationship end?
    • How do you feel about the person that you were involved with?
    • If the end of the relationship was caused by another person, how do you feel about them?
  10. Enemies
    • Do you have any enemies?
    • Do they hate you, do you hate them or is the feeling mutual?
    • How long have you been enemies?
    • How did you become enemies?
    • Is your animosity strong enough to lead to murder or do you just not like each other?
    • How often do you encounter your enemy?
  11. Physical Traits
    • Do you have any odd physical traits, marks, scars, tattoos or disfigurements?
      • How do others react to your odd look?
      • How did you obtain your physical oddities?
      • Do you desire to get rid of your distinguishing marks?
    • What do you look like? Describe hair color, length and texture. Describe skin color and eye color.
    • How does the character dress while adventuring?
    • How does the character dress while in cities?
    • How does the character dress for special occassions?
  12. Mental Traits
    • Do you have any compulsions or desires that he cannot resist?
    • Do you have any phobias?
    • Do you have any addictions?
  13. Morality and Religion
    • What god have you chosen as your patron deity?
    • How devout are you in your beliefs?
    • Do you participate in holy ceremonies (even if just to watch) on religious holidays?
    • What lengths will you go to in the defense of those beliefs?
    • Will you attempt to convert others to your belief system?
    • Who or what taught you your current belief system?
    • Do you occassionaly pray or offer devotion to other gods?
      • Which other gods?
      • How often?
      • How much effort do you put into this extra devotion?
    • Do you have a code of honor that you follow?
    • Why do you follow a code of honor?
    • On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the most strict), how stringent is your code?
    • On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the most severe), how extreme is the punishment?
  14. Killing
    • Can you kill things without suffering extreme mental anguish?
    • In what situations would you kill a creature?
    • Would you be able to kill another of your race?
    • Would you be able to kill an animal?
    • Would you be able to kill for the fun of the hunt?
    • Would you be able to kill just for the sheer pleasure of taking a life?
  15. Relationships
    • In general, how well do you get along with other people?
    • Is there a group of people that you have a hard time getting along with?
    • Is there a group of people that you befriend easily?
    • How well do you trust other people?
    • How do you treat other people?
      • Cruel
      • Kind
      • Protective
      • Indifferent
      • Prankster
      • Friendly
      • Suspicious
  16. Daily Routine
    • What is your daily routine when adventuring?
    • What is your daily routing when in a city?
    • How do you feel when your routine is interrupted?