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I am living in the Year of Our Lord, 1196. My father moved from Luebeck to Bremen shortly before I was born and he wanted himself and all of his children to be known as people of Luebeck. Therefore I am known as Johan von Luebeck.

I was born in Bremen on a hot summer day in July, July sixth to be exact in the Year of Our Lord, 1173. When I reached the age of 17, I left my homeland (and my father's tannery). I left when our leige called for men to join him in the Holy Lands to defend it from the invading Saracens.

We arrived in the Holy Lands after a long, uneventful trip over-seas. This left us weary of the water and the waves, but when we reached the Holy Lands, we found them to be a barren desert land that could barely sustain life. Suddenly, the water of the seas was more inviting than the harsh deserts of the Holy Land.

We helped fortify a small town that was directly in the path of the invading host, and defended that town with all our might and ability, but it was to no avail. The commanding officers of the Saracens were better than our own, and we were vastly outnumbered.

The slaughter on both sides was horrid, and my liege deemed that it was necessary to build a hospital to care for the wounded soldiers, regardless of which nation they were from or which side of the battle they had fought on. My fellow contrymen of Bremen and Luebeck agreed with him, and we constructed a fortified hospital and learned the healing methods of the time.

Saladin, the leader of the Saracens, finally arrived at the scene of our chieurgery, carpentry and masonry. We were stretched thin in the efforts of tending the wounded, and building a infermary for those wounded. Saladin noticed that none of his people were assisting us in our efforts, and ordered some of his men to detach from the main host to help us in our efforts of constructing a hospital for those wounded in battle. Saladin gave us his word that he would protect us and aid us in his efforts so long as we did nothing to hamper his capturing of Jerusalem.

Thus, here I am, in the Year of Our Lord, 1198, sitting inside this stone and wood fortress that is dedicated to the tending of the infirm and wounded. I wish you well, and may God protect you from harm as you travel the roads the lead you through life.

The Society for Creative Anachronism is a family oriented, non-profit historical organization dedicated to the preservation, research, and re-creation of the honor, chivalry, ideals, and customs of the Middle Ages from the 4th through the 16th centuries. The Society is recreating every aspect of the Middle Ages - not as they actually were, but as they should have been. We work with any civilization that had established contact, usually in trade, with Medieval England.

We make our own costumes, armor and weapons; create devices and personas; build pavilions; brew meads; fight in Medieval Tournaments; cook and eat period feasts; and have camping events almost every weekend.

The portion of the SCA that interests me the most is the Heavy Fighting. We put on metal helmets, leather armor (other kingdoms use metal), and wield weapons that are made out of rattan. Rattan is a fiberous wood that is similar to bamboo, but much denser. We fight for fun, honor, and chivalry. Never do we fight to harm each other. All extremely vulnerable portions of the body are covered with armor, and if someone's armor does not meet certain standards, then they must borrow armor that is up to standards or not fight.

In addition to the heavy fighting, there is also archery, light fighting (fencing), axe/knife/spear throwing, arts and crafts, heraldry, and bardic competitions held. You don't have to be physically fit or a martial artist to be part of the SCA.

I originally joined the SCA while I was living in the Shire of Black Lake, which is located in the Kingdom of Ansteorra. I made some wonderful friends while I was there and enjoyed playing every chance that I could get. The group was very open, friendly and loving. They became a surrogate family for me and I miss them all dearly. Of all the things that I miss about my home town, they are top on the list.

I moved from Black Lake to the Barony of Bjornsborg. While there, I attempted to get re-involved in the SCA, but the people there were not as open and friendly as I would have liked. I'm not saying that they were rude and disrespectful, but they were a far cry from the loving and caring friends that I had left behind in Black Lake.

From Bjornsborg, I moved to the wastelands of the Kingdom of Artemisia. I was so far out in the middle of nowhere that there were no SCA groups to join so I was destined to continue dreaming about my friends that I left behind in Black Lake. Fortunately, I only stayed there for a year before moving.

My current home is the Barony of Dragonsspine which is in the Kingdom of the Outlands. I've shown up to one of their gatherings since I have moved to Dragonsspine and I wish to make it to more gatherings, but my current obligations to mundane society prevent me from attending SCA gatherings as much as I would like. Perhaps my schedule will change a slight bit in the future and I will be able to once again rejoin the society that I so much enjoy being a part of.