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I enjoy writing short stories. I would write novellas, novels and even entire series of books, but I simply don't have the time. Lately, I've not even had time to read a short story, much less sit down and write one! Someday I'll break out and replace Tolkein as the master of fantasy literature... Yeah right!

At the moment, the only short stories that I have available to read are three that are written about characters from a mud called the Edge of Darkness. Please enjoy them if you wish.

A Bad Day on the Battlefield Eternal
This story was written about one of my characters (Thain) and one of his characters (Sethric) from the Edge of Darkness. It's well written tale with a moral hidden in there somewhere. While reading the story, keep in mind that Sam captured the essence of the characters perfectly in his story. Thain really did run off to the Abyss by himself quite often and occassionally he would drag some poor soul down there with him to keep him company while he roamed the plains of torture and warfare amongst the demons and devils.

Beosig, Sword of Justice
This is a flattering story written about my main character on the Edge of Darkness. The author, Steve, is a good friend of mine and did this entirely without my knowledge. When Steve released this story, I was surprised that he had chosen Beosig as a character in the writing. I was very honored that he turned his considerable writing talents to capturing Beosig in a tale.
As a side note: Beosig had never defeated Gugi until after this story was published.

Beosig's Downfall
This was a story that I wrote about Beosig's time away from Doraak. I tired of playing the Edge of Darkness, so I quit playing for a while. During this time, Beosig was absent from the realms of Doraak (Doraak being the world in the Edge of Darkness.) When I left, Beosig was a paladin of Vashaka that stood for honor and justice. When I returned, I recreated Beosig as a warrior of destruction and vengeance. To explain the change and what Beosig was doing during his absence from Doraak, I wrote this tale.