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Beosig, Sword of Justice

by Steve Anstey (Undarius Loremaster)

Large men, especially ogres, are often perceived as inately evil.

Beosig is not such an ogre.

Beosig, Sword of Justice.

Perhaps the finest warrior I've ever met, and certainly, one of the finest men, we have never been close. I admire him though. It was soon after a long journey to a land as yet discovered that I met Beosig. He was young, and uncommonly bright for an ogre.

"Hello young sir, might I travel with you for a bit?" I asked.

"If you want. I am headed far to the north, the journey will be hard," he answered me, his hard gravelly voice belying his good and honest spirit.

I followed along, and, for me, very quietly. The journey was long, but one I was accustomed to, having been intimately involved in the very creation of the north lands. When the cold arctic breezes started to bite, and my face was ruddy from the cold, the large warrior seemed surprised at my lack of complaints. I think that was the turning point.

"I must take a small journey from this road to settle a debt, you would be safer here," he told me bluntly.

"Nay lad, I think I shall join you," I smiled broadly. I could see his reservations, but he said no more. "Gugi has caused me lost business, and I think it is time that this ogre took care of the problem," he said quietly.

"Yes, I've heard Gugi has been ambushing merchants along the road. I never suspected that an ogre had hired the merchants. That is one of the moststunning revelations of our time. An ogre with a mind for money. STUNNING," I poked him lightly. (For some reason he seemed unamused.)

As we approached Gugi's home I started to sing a song, and I noticed an extra step or two in the gate of Beosig. I think he noticed it too and he drew his blade and an oily rag to prepare for battle.

The sun was setting, and the sounds of a heavy axe striking wood filled the cold pink dusk.

"Shh. His boys are not to be trifled with either," the ogre warned.

"I know, Roknar and I have a bit of history," I replied and watched his eyebrow raise nearly to his hairline.

I handed him some earplugs, and said, "put these in your ears."

He frowned, but after hearing my singing he follwed my instructions.

We crept down the path, and just as the last sounds of the axe striking the wood fell, we leapt from our cover, and sliced Roknar's throat from ear to ear.

"Gugi will not be so accomadating," Beosig smiled.

One thing that is notable here, Ogres make excellent battering rams. The door flew open with a force as great as I've seen created by mortal arms, and Gugi jumped from his dinner table.

The battle was protracted. I let Beosig enjoy it to its maximum potential, and after it was over, I left while he performed the ogre rituals of blood. Though it was only one adventure. Though we had hardly spoken, we learned much about each other. And our respect was drawn from humor, and justice. Our love blossomed not from war, but from the peace that sometimes comes from the knowledge of the blade. And I learned once and for all, the world needs a Sword of Justice...

Undarius Loremaster