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Beosig's Downfall

by John Evans (Beosig, Sword of Vengeance)

Me be back in me home now.

Many days ago me got mad and walked off ta find new home. Ta find new tings ta smash. Me tromped n stomped n huffed n puffed n cursed n swored n made promises dat me wish dat me no wish me had made. Me wuz walkin n stompin n so worried about me own problems dat me no payed atenshun ta where me wuz goin n me felled in a hole in da ground n me fell long long ways.

When me finally gots ta da bottom uv da hole, me landed reel hard n me tinks me bounced sum too, but me lights were out so me no know what happened at bottom. Me be dum as rok, but me gots gud idea bout what happens ta ogres when dey fall long way without pink stuff in dere gut.

Me dunno how long me was out uv it, but when mes woke up me were stuck in someplace dat me no recognize. Dere were stars all round me. Me not means just me in da sky. Me means ta me left, ta me right, under me, over me, all round! Me thot dat me shuld be floatin round, but me feets were standin on sumtin, but when me looked, dere were nuttin dere!

Den me heards dat luaghter dat still haunts in me sleep ta dis day.... It were hollow and evil, but me ears welcomed da sound even when me soul wanted ta run frum its evilness. Da laughter was hollow n deep n soothin n frightnun n caressin n mades me want ta laugh n cry n run all at once.

Me spunned round n lashed out at da laughin ting wit me sword, but it no helped! It just laughed at me even more and dat made me nightmares even worse. After me gots tired o tryin ta beat on dis ting dat me no kuld hert, it sat back n looked at me and me stepped back n looked up at it.

Da "sky" around me were all black with stars fillin it up, and dis ting was jest like dat too. Me wants ta say dat it were black, but dat not a dark enuff kolor ta say what kolor dis ting was. It was covered wit stars, but it not likes me wearing armor or skin or clothes or sumtin. Dere were stars _inside_ its blackness. Me could see em movin round inside it as it walked round me n looked at me.

A deep, hollow soundin voice sounded off n echoed round in me skull, "Well, well. It seems that I have finally captured a creature from that grand world of Doraak. I've been trying for ages, quite litterly mind you, to capture one of you, but you are too wiley for me to capture. I was hoping for an elf or dwarf from there, but I guess an odiferous, hair-covered, half-ogre that probably doesn't know the different bewteen Gurath and Balchion."

Me no could tell where da noise wuz comin frum, but me be smart nuff ta figger out dat it were dis ting in frunt uv me, and me wuz also smart nuff ta tell when me were compleemented so me sed, "Tank ya. Me always do me best ta be odif... odifer... odiffer.. what ya sed!" Me wuz tryin ta be calm n not show dat me wuz half scared out o half uv me half ogre wits, but it no worked. Da ting made o stars only chuckled and me thot dat he smiled, but me no kuld tell cause o him bein all "black" n stuff.

While me was trying not ta stain me pants da ting dere went on wit his little welcome speech, "I am The Nameless One. Some people have attempted to give me a name, but I have made sure that thier very existance and memory thereof has been wiped clean out of all realities that exist. I am sure that you will not do the same. Correct?"

Da Nameless One loomed over me n I could swore dat he was a grinnin a big toothy grin, but again me no could tell. Alls me could do was swallow hard n say, "Yeppers." in a real small voice n dose of yoo dat've herd me talks know dat me ain't got no small voice.

"I have captured many different realities here within my Stasis Field, and I shall allow you to wander them as you please. On occassion, you may feel the desire to do something against your basic insticts and training. I am merely testing you. You may attempt to resist the desire, but I highly doubt that you will be able to. Especially one as lacking in mental facilities as yourself."

Me understood what him sed (mostly) and me knew dat he would have no control over me cause my lord Vashaka was watchin over me n protectin me frum doin anyting dat would cause me ta fall frum me knightly graces. At least, I _thought_ dat he would be able ta. Little did me know dat his powers don't extend outside da world o Doraak. Me faith wuz not enuff cause da One dat me faith in kuld not reech me.

Me ended up wanderin dat ting dat Da Nameless One called his "Stasis Field" me dunno what dat wuz, but it were big. Me wandered all over da place n saw lotsa neet tings. Every day me would see dis kid wit no legs next to a building. He would always wave ta me and smile. Hims was a nice kid. Me gaves him food n drink n few coppers ever time me seen him cause him was nice kid and all nice kids deserve ta be able ta run n play.

Me would pick him sumtimes n stick him on me shoulders and we wuld run n play and climb trees n I wuld tell bout sum uv da tings dat me had done good fer da peoples o Doraak. Wun day while we were sittin out by a pond trowin rocks at da big snapper turtles n I was tellin da boy about da big nasty metal snappers da help da Doom Knight kill tings dat are too dumb or too brave ta stay outta his room.

He tolds me dat me should writes it all down so's udder peeples could reeds about it and lern what ta do ta kill da nasty Doom Knight. Me tolds him dat me no know how's ta reed n rite cause me mudder never taut me hows ta do dat.

Well, dis poor little no-leg havin boy didn't have nuttin better ta do so he learned himself how ta reed and rite, and he offered ta teech me how ta do it! I tolds him dat me wishes dat me kuld be as smart as him and he tolds me dat he wishes dat he kuld be as strong n tall as me.

I tolds him dat me wuld finda priest dat could helps him gets legs and dat me would help him get big n strong likes me if he wuld teech me hows ta reed n rite. A deel wuz struck and dat's how me is able ta rite you dis here story bout me bein gone frum Doraak. Dis story also not makes me happy ta rite cause me had a friend in da boy and now dat friend be nuttin cause o ashes cause o what me dun.

Me sad cause Da Nameless One always tried ta make me angry at da boy and sumtimes it would works cause me got reel bad temper, but never would me hert da boy. Me would scuse meself and go off n knock over a few trees wit me hands n me anger'd be gone. One night me wents ta sleep wit a hedacke cause o learning how ta reed n rite.

Me were not sleepin gud cause o dat hedacke, and den dat boy woked me up cause him's was thirsty and me messed up n left da pitcher o water on a high shelf where hims no could reech it. Cause me hed were hurtin and me tired and dat boy were botherin me, me felts da erge ta hurts ta boy, and me _did_ herts him.

Me jumped up outta me bed and yelled n hollered n smashed n crushed n mashed dat little boy wit no legs. Me shoulda felts bad fer doing dis, but Da Nameless Ones laughter were ringin in me head when I was smahin n bashin n crushin n mashin and me felt good abouts mashin da boy. Me _wanted_ ta mash da little boy. Me _mashed_ da little boy til me arms be so tired dat me could mash no more!

Me knew dat frum dis point on dat Vashaka would turn his back on me as would Da Order uv Justice, but dat no mattered ta me. Me just sat back at dat pond and watched dose snappers and thot bout dat Doom Knight and wondered what it would be like ta have dat much power round me body and in me hands. Me knew dat da only way dat me kuld know is by mashin Da Nameless One likes me did dat little boy and gettin out o dis here Stasis Field dat he gots me trapped in.

Me sat and plotted and planned his mashin. Me kuld think uv nuttin dat me wanted more dan ta kill dat _thing_ dat gots me trapped inta losin me honor n me faith. Me knew dat me wuz gonna need sum stuff dat only da most powerful mages. Me knewd sum uv dem mages n dey mostly be nice fellahs, but de no wanna let go uv dere secrets.

Me wanted ta kill Da Nameless One so bad dat me could taste it. Me wanted Vengeance! Me wanted Revenge! Me went ta da mages on occassion ta borrow small books ta reed and stuff. Da next time dat me seen dem mages, one-by-one, me mashed em n stomped em n killed em dead so me could git dere secrets! Me gots all dere secrets, but only kuld understand a little little bit uv dem cause me not gud at reedin yet.

Me had killed losta nice peoples, but da only ting dat me could tink about was Vengeance. Me was prolly damnin me soul to da Abyss along wit dem lava sharks and black angels in da Lake of Fire, but me was gonne git me Vengeance!

And git me Vengeance me DID! Me gave Da Nameless One a name, and dat made him madder dan a Blackguard Mercenary dat didn't turn a profit on his auction! Me named Da Nameless One after me arch-enemy: Gambit.

Gambit came down at me in his star-studded wrath, and I met him with my newly forged Sword of Vengeance and what little magics me had thieved frum da dead n mashed mages. Da fight seems ta take years, but it only lasted a few moments n when it were all over wit, me mashed Gambit inta da ground n stuck me sword thru his body n inta da ground.

Me just left me sword dere along wit all da magic dat me had used n walked away. As me were walkin away, me saw da field o stars tear n rip n shred open inta nothingness. Den me woke up.

Me was newly born. Me was in me hometown of Lifgoth. Da only ting dat had changed was dat da bitter taste of failed Justice was replace by da strong, sweet taste o Vengeance. Me was finally at peace wit meself, but da nightmares of Gambit's laughter still go on n on. Me hopes dat da sensashun o Vengeance will allow me ta over-ride n fergit about me lost Justice n me haunting nightmares.

Me just glad ta finally be back home.

Warrior of Vengeance
Lost Paladin of Vashaka